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Definition: iPS cells, or IPSCs, stands for induced pluripotent stem cells. These are somatic cells that have been genetically reprogrammed, in such a way that they lose their tissue-specific qualities and become pluripotent. The benefit of this is that stem cells can be created without the use of embryos, however, the cells resemble embryos in that they can, theoretically and under the appropriate conditions, be made to differentiate into any type of cell found in the body. The hope of many researchers is that someday, those working in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine can use the cells from the intended recipient of a new organ, or cell-type, to make custom tissue from cells carrying their own DNA. Many challenges remain for tissue engineering, such as finding ways to generate iPS cells without using cancer-causing oncogenes or retroviruses.
Also Known As: iPS cells
The tissue engineering lab grew new blood cells for the patient using iPS cells derived from his own skin.

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