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Biotech Business

Collections of reviews, summaries, and other articles about trends and issues of affecting the commercial sector of biotechnology.
  1. Running a Biotech Company (17)

Pressure from Patients and Payers Is Changing Drug Development
An increased understanding of disease, escalating healthcare costs and informed patient groups are having a transformative impact on the development and approvals of new therapeutics. What do pharmaceutical and biotech companies need to do to account for these changes? How can they maximize the success of their drug development programs? (Posted: Jan 22, 2014)

BGI Plans to Sequence the World
In less than 15 years, BGI has grown from a small research institute in Beijing China to the largest DNA sequence provider in the world. How did this Chinese company, now based in Shenzhen, become a DNA sequencing powerhouse, and what does its future look like? (Published: Sept 18, 2013)

Small Business Technology Development Grants from the NIH
Federal SBIR grants can provide much needed seed funding for small biotech start-up businesses. What is the SBIR/STTR program, what types of projects are funded, how much can you get, and who's eligible? (Published: July 31, 2013)

2013 Biotech Investment is Shining
Biotech investment appears to be strong in all fronts in 2013. Surging stocks, a run of IPOs, and increased financing for new ventures all indicate renewed confidence in the sector. Hopefully, the trend will continue to drive industry we all depend on for healthcare innovation. (Published: July 28, 2013)

Ernst and Young 2013 Global Biotech Report
The EY 2013 report on the biotech industry, released at the BIO 2013 Conference, indicates the sector saw record profits this past year but there are a couple worrying trends. (Posted: April 25, 2013)

A Look at What's Involved with Technology Transfer
At the 2013 annual Biotechnology Industrial Organization meeting, four technology transfer executives discussed the most essential features of good collaborations and talked about some of the issues that can derail partnerships. (Published: April 23, 2013)

Biotech Industry Overview and the Venture Investment Environment
In the last few years the biotech sector has been recovering. IPOs are happening, company buy-outs are making reasonable returns from investors, and the Nasdaq Biotech index is higher than ever. But not all is rosy. Why is venture funding still difficult to find? (Published: Mar 31, 2013)

The Supreme Court Reviews Myriad's Gene Patents
The Supreme Court will consider limitations on the rights of companies to patent human genes with its upcoming decision in the case challenging Myriad Genetics claims to the BRCA cancer genes. Find out about the details of this case.

Six Biotech Developments in 2012 and Predictions for Next Year
Here's an overview of some of the biotech highlights of 2012 and thoughts on what's coming up for 2013.

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing
A growing niche of companies have formed to provide individual genetic analysis to any interested individuals. Find out about this developing direct-to-consumer (DTC) DNA analysis business that breaks old models offers direct access to sophisticated DNA results.

The Individual Genome Sequencing Business
You can go online and order a service kit to have your DNA analyzed. What do these companies provide and what do you have to do? This article explains direct to consumer genetic analysis.

The Business of Biotechnology
Get information on commercial developments and market trends in the biotechnology and biomedical business sectors.

Survey of the Outlook on Biotechnology
The Biotechnology International Organization (BIO) conducted an opinion survey on attitudes of the biotech industry. The survey was run on 169 biotech executives, 800 general voters, and 1,402 attendees of the BIO convention. Overall, all three segments were generally positives regarding the outlook for the biotechnology industry, but there...

Overview Ernst and Young 2012 Global Biotech Tech Report
The Ernst and Young annual report on the global biotech industry indicates the biotech industry has recovered a lot from the dismal 2009 crisis. Revenues, R&D investment, and hiring are all up. However, beneath the surface the numbers suggest some long term changes in biotech/pharma industry.

World's Largest Biotech Hubs: Boston and the San Francisco Bay
Looks at the details of the two regions with the highest density of biotech companies and most people working in biotechthe San Francisco Bay and Boston, Massachusetts regions. How do these two regions compare in terms of the types of biotech companies, size of biotech communities, and amount of biotech investment?

The Fight to Use Maternal Blood for Prenatal Testing
A simple blood test of a pregnant woman can now identify fetal genetic abnormalities that can produce conditions such as Down's Syndrome. How was this approach developed and who are the companies involved in developing the technology?

The Need for Cheaper and Faster DNA Sequencing
Methods to sequence DNA have been used in labs for 30 years so what continues to drive development of new sequencing technology, and why the interest in "next generation" sequencing?

What Happened to the Affymetrix DNA Microarray Revolution?
The company that introduced microarray technology for genetic analysis is facing hard times as much of the market is supplanted by next generation sequencing. Does Affymetrix have a plan?

Can Government Programs Fix the Drug Development Pipeline?
As drug discovery and development slows down to a trickle, publicly funded government initiatives try to take up the slack. Can the new NIH and Euro big government programs prime the drug discovery pipeline?

What Investors Look For in a Biotech Company
Find out what VC investors are looking for in a company and maximize your chances of getting funding.

Roles of Venture Capital Investors
A list of the roles that biotech venture capital investors play in the development of early- and mid-stage startups. The benefits, and some of the shortfalls, to obtaining venture capital funding for R&D and to promote the growth of a company, are outlined.

What is Biotechnology and How Did It Make the Biotech Industry
This article provides a summary or overview of biotechnology or biotech with a description of the start of biotechnology, development of commercial biotechnology, and an overview of the biotech industry. It includes brief summaries of the methods that comprise biotechnology and genetic engineering, biotechnology companies, the medical biotech...

Invest Money in Biotech
A guide to getting started investing in biotech with things to consider before investing money in biotech companies or buying biotechnology stocks.

Biotech Business Models
The choice of business model for a biotechnology company depends on the type of product in question and potential for funding and profit.

Patenting Genetic Inventions
Users share their stories about patenting or licensing innovative technologies and genetic inventions.

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