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Biotechnology Clusters in North America


The following is a list of the top biotechnology hubs in North America. Each cluster is an active site of R&D, job and investment opportunities in the life sciences or agricultural biotech. The clusters are not listed in any particular order.

For a map of worldwide hubs, including these centers, check out the Global Biotechnology Clusters map at University of Minnesota's MBBNet.

California, USA

This might be the largest hub in the USA, and is certainly among the fastest-growing due to the State's commitment to financial support of the industry. The cluster includes the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Quebec, Canada

Montreal PQ boasts a leading center for cutting edge biomedical research among the major hubs of NA.

Ontario, Canada

The greater Toronto area, including Etobicoke, Mississagua, Brampton and surrounding towns, is the home of some of the largest of the major players in the biotechnolgy industry.

Washington, USA

Specifically the Seattle area, once ranked in the top 5 centers in the USA, but current status in question because of growth of other hubs elsewhere in the country.

Saskatoon, Canada

A major center in Canada, in particular for agricultural biotech research.

Minnesota, USA

The three cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester, MN, make up a leading medical devices cluster in the USA and rank in the top 10 biotechnology centers in NA.

US Northeast and MidAtlantic

With hubs in Boston, New York and New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC, and the Research Triangle in North Carolina, the American eastern seaboard is rich with biotech activity. These 5 centers are each independently large enough to hold their own in comparison to the rest of the clusters in NA.

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