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What is Zoning?


Question: What is Zoning?
Answer: Zoning refers to the assignment of land, by a municipality (typically a city or county), for a particular use. Common zoning designations are residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial. Regulations of the individual municipality dictate what kinds of structures and activities, and sometimes what size of lots, extraction of natural resources, maintenance of types of pets or livestock, or other activities, are allowed in certain zones. Zoning designations often mean different things in different municipalities. For example, in one city, residential zoning might allow only single family dwellings, whereas, in another, the same zoning designation might mean townhouses are allowed. Combinations of zoning designations can also be applied to the same area. This means you might find a mixture of businesses and single family homes in an area zoned for both residential and commercial use. Zoning laws can also be relaxed or changed from time to time. It is important to know before you buy or lease space for a biotech company, if the area is zoned for commercial and/or industrial use, and if there are any proposed changes in the works.

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