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Case Studies

Stories on the development of existing biotech companies, how new companies got started, and successes and failures of commercial biotech enterprises.

One Company's Effort to Develop a Single Vaccine against All Influenza
BiondVax CSO describes their approach to develop a universal flu vaccine.

What Happened to the Affymetrix DNA Microarray Revolution?
The company that introduced microarray technology for genetic analysis is facing hard times as much of the market is supplanted by next generation sequencing. Does Affymetrix have a plan?

Dyadic International Inc.
A case study on Dyadic International Inc., a provider of industrial enzymes produced by the patented C1 (Chrysosporium) fungal platform, founded by Mark Emalfarb.

Helicos BioSciences Corporation
A case study and company history of Helicos BioSciences Corporation, specialists in single molecule technology, sequencing by synthesis and the innovators of a technique for true single molecule sequencing.

deCODE Genetics
The story of biotechnology company deCODE Genetics, formally a leader in human genome research and the discovery of genetic risk factors of disease.

Dendreon Corporation
A case study of Dendreon Corporation and their novel Active Cellular Immunotherapies (ACIs) for treatment of various types of cancer. The biotechnology company's pipeline products are discussed, including the controvery surrounding PROvenge, for prostate cancer, and the most promising and advanced drug in the portfolio.

GeoVax: Developing an AIDS Vaccine
A case study of GeoVax Labs Inc., a leader in HIV vaccine development.

AVI Biopharma
AVI Biopharma has a novel exon-skipping RNA antisense platform technology for promising new drug development against rare diseases.

Inovio Pharma: DNA Vaccines
Inovio Pharma: DNA vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases.

Interview with Inovio Pharmaceuticals CEO Dr. Kim
An interview with Dr. Joseph Kim, CEO of DNA vaccine company Inovio Pharmaceuticals and founder of subsidiary VGX Pharmaceuticals.

Advanced Cell Technology (ACT)
A case study of one of the forerunners in stem cell technologies specializing in regenerative medicine.

Revivicor's Regenerative Medicine Project
Stem cell research that bypasses the ethical issues surrounding use of embryonic tissues, as is done in therapeutic cloning. The regenerative medicine project is based on the process of de-differentiation of skin cells, to produce stem cells.

A case study on the Danish bioproducts company, Novozymes, a global leader in enzyme technology, and producer of recombinant enzymes for industrial uses such as detergents, animal feed and biofuel production. The former leader in insulin production is renowned for its focus on environmental and social sustainability.

Health Risks from Exposure to Dirty Electricity
An interview with Dr. Magda Havas, a scientist from Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, and a world leader in research on the biological effects and health risks resulting from exposure to dirty electricity.

Biotech Nation
A review of the book Welcome to Biotech Nation by Dr. Moira Gunn.

Iogen Corporation
A world leader in industrial enzymatic processes, in particular cellulosic ethanol.

Genencor and Cellulosic Ethanol
Genencor is a biotechnology company specializing in industrial enzymes and environmentally-friendly processes. Their innovative approach to biofuel production has led to development of the Accellerase 1000 enzyme product which results in enhanced bioethanol production from cellulosic feedstocks.

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