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Interviews with business and researcher leaders in biotechnology and the life sciences.

Elizabeth Iorns Explains the Reproducibility Initiative
Many, if not most, peer-reviewed biomedical studies cannot be replicated independently. This situation wastes time and money in the race to develop new cures. Elizabeth Iorns talks about how she started the Reproduciblity Initiative and what it hopes to accomplish. (Published: September 29, 2013)

Looking for a Way to Cure Aging
Leading age researcher Linda Partridge's work shows that the genes controlling how cells sense and respond to key nutrients also appear to control the aging program.

Paul Nurse Discusses Challenges Facing Research and Drug Development
Dr. Paul Nurse's thoughts on life science research and new drug discovery based on an interview at the 2012 EMBO Meeting.

Surveying the World's Marine Life
Eric Karsenti, who pioneered the Tara Oceans Expedition, discusses the ambitious endeavor to survey the enormous diversity of microbial marine life and plankton around the globe.

One Company's Effort to Develop a Single Vaccine against All Influenza
BiondVax CSO describes their approach to develop a universal flu vaccine.

Health Risks from Exposure to Dirty Electricity
An interview with Dr. Magda Havas, a scientist from Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, and a world leader in research on the biological effects and health risks resulting from exposure to dirty electricity.

Interview with Inovio Pharmaceuticals CEO Dr. Kim
An interview with Dr. Joseph Kim, CEO of DNA vaccine company Inovio Pharmaceuticals and founder of subsidiary VGX Pharmaceuticals.

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