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Viruses, Vaccines and Immunotherapy

Articles covering research on viruses and other pathogens, and commercial efforts to develop new vaccines and immunotherapies.

MERS: Deadly but Not So Easy to Catch
A recent study suggests that the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus is widespread in camels in the Middle East. Is this the source of the infections that have occurred so far? What is MERS, how dangerous it is, and how easy is it to catch? (Aug 21, 2013)

One Company's Effort to Develop a Single Vaccine against All Influenza
BiondVax CSO describes their approach to develop a universal flu vaccine.

Overcoming the Hurdles to a Universal Flu Vaccine
Recent discoveries are bringing the goal of a universal flu vaccine closer to reality. Researchers have found antibodies that target multiple flu strains and have confirmed that a universal vaccine should work well even for people that have had previous flu shots. Will a universal flu vaccine eliminate the flu in a few years? Get a sense of...

Making the Bird Flu More Pathogenic
The second of two controversial papers on the bird flu (avian influenza A/H5N1 virus) was published on June 22 in Science. There was a lot of concern whether these studies should be made public. Both studies provide important information about mutations make the bird flu more infectious and more deadly and could be conceivably be used to design...

DNA Vaccines
Advantages to DNA Vaccines

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