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Stem Cell Technology

Stem cell research and the development of stem cell therapies.

Growing New Bodily Organs in the Lab
Right now the only option for many patients with deteriorating or damaged hearts, lung, livers, kidneys, and other organs, is a transplant. This procedure creates its own host of health issues, not to mention that organs are not easy obtain. However, researchers are working toward an alternative--growing organ out of a patient's own cells in the lab. (Posted: June 29, 2013)

Delivering on Stem Cell Therapy Treatments
Stem cell's potential to become almost any cell in the body holds the promise of a cure for numerous serious injuries and degenerative diseases. However, stem cell treatments seem to be taking a while to develop. What's the status of therapeutic development based on stem cell technology?

The Range of Stem Cell Technology
Since the discovery of induced stem cells several years ago, stem cell technology has accelerated. If you are wondering what makes a stem cells, what the difference between embryonic and adult stem cells, and what the potential is for clinical therapies using stem cell technology, check out this review. You will get a glimpse of the potential...

Experts Assess the Current Status of Stem Cell Research
In a recent Nature Review, leading stem cell researchers discussed the state of current research and challenges in developing stem cell technology and treatments. The researchers shared views on the value of engineered stem cells as compared with one derived from embryos, and the potential of reprogramming normal body.

What is the Concern over Germ Line Gene Therapy?
As the first gene therapy approaches are nearing FDA approval, it is important to make the distinction between somatic cell and germ line genetic manipulation. Therapies on sperm and egg cells has tremendous potential but require a lot better understanding than our current science possesses. Will germ line gene therapy ever be an option?

Researchers Clone a Human Embryo, Finally!
Researchers in Oregon cloned the first human embryo. What is the significance of this advance for stem cell research? (Published: May 21, 2013)

A quick discussion on what IPSCs are and how they are used in stem cell research, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

Definition for pluripotent.

Opinions on Allowing Stem Cell Research
What do you think of the decision to allow US government funding for stem cell research?

Designer Babies
How ethical is it to create a designer baby in a test tube, with custom-selected features? Submit your vote!

Nanotechnology and Stem Cell Applications
Nanotechnology applied to stem cell applications aids with tracking and labeling, systemic delivery, and controlling extracellular environments. Toxicity of nanoparticles to stem cells is also discussed.

Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research
A discussion of the pros and cons in the ethical debate over stem cell research.

The History of Cloning Research
Twenty years after Dolly the cloned sheep, researchers in Oregon have cloned a human embryo. Did you know cloning research goes back 100 years? (Published: May 21, 2013)

Why All The Excitement About Stem Cells?
Frequently asked questions about stem cells.

Stem Cells
Why are scientists and doctors intrigued by stem cell research and what are the potential benefits?

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