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Gene Cloning and Other Molecular Genetics Techniques
Essential laboratory procedures for genetic engineering. Molecular genetics techniques commonly used in biotechnology research that enable gene cloning.
Plasmids - Biotech / Biomedical Glossary Definition
Plasmids can be isolated from bacteria, using what are now routine gene cloning techniques. The plasmid is cut with restriction enzymes, and the new gene ...
Vectors - Gene Cloning - Genetic Transfer
When geneticists use small pieces of DNA to clone a gene and create a GMO, that DNA is called a vector. The vector serves as the carrier for the transfer or ...
Gene Cloning Methods - Cloning in E. coli - Cloning Bacterial Genes
The microorganism Escherichia coli has a long history of use in the biotechnology industry and is still the microorganism of choice for most gene cloning ...
Clones - Cloning - Gene Cloning - About.com Biotech / Biomedical
In genetic engineering, what does it mean to create a clone?
All About Restriction Enzymes - Endonucleases
... into smaller strands in order to study fragment length differences among individuals (Restriction Fragment Length Polymophism – RFLP) or for gene cloning.
GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms - GM Foods
In both cases, however, these terms refer to a living organism that has been genetically altered using molecular genetics techniques such as gene cloning and ...
Timeline of Cloning History - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Timeline of Cloning History - how the science of cloning has developed over the ... of Freiberg, theorized that the genetic information of a cell would diminish as ...
Transformation - Gene Transfer - Tumor Cells
In genetic research, transformation is the process by which the genetic makeup of an organism is altered by the insertion of a new gene (or exogenous DNA) into ...
The Rise and Fall of Cat Cloning - Cloning cats - Gene Banking Cats ...
Today, there is no company offering cat cloning services, although two commercial ventures provide gene banking. Follow the timeline of commercial cat cloning ...
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