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Articles related to enzyme technology

Enzyme Biotechnology in Everyday Life - Biotech/Biomedical
This is the domestic application for enzyme technology that most people are already familiar with. Historically, humans have been using enzymes for centuries, ...
All About Restriction Enzymes - Endonucleases - Biotech/Biomedical
An explanation of a special class of enzymes known as the restriction endonucleases. ... Small Business Technology Development Grants from the NIH .
Novozymes - Bioproducts - Industrial Enzymes - Biotech/Biomedical
A case study on the Danish bioproducts company, Novozymes, a global leader in enzyme technology, and producer of recombinant enzymes for industrial uses ...
Genencor - Industrial Enzymes by Genencor - Genencor and ...
Genencor is a biotechnology company specializing in industrial enzymes and ... Dr. Aaron Kelley of Genencor demonstrates Accellerase enzyme technology.
Enzymes Used in the Dairy Industry - Biotech/Biomedical - About.com
A description of the types of enzymes used in the dairy industry and their role in the production ... Small Business Technology Development Grants from the NIH.
Enzyme Structure and Function - Biochemical Catalysts
An explanation of what enzymes are, their basic structure, and how they function in cellular ... Small Business Technology Development Grants from the NIH.
Biotechnology Products in Daily Life - Biotech/Biomedical - About.com
... use and future prospects for change and new applications. Products of enzyme and fermentation technology that are commonly used in household applications.
Hydrolysis of Chemical Bonds - Enzymatic Reactions
A definition for enzyme hydrolysis, to explain what kind of biochemical reaction hydrolases ... Small Business Technology Development Grants from the NIH.
Optimizing Enzyme Processes - Biotech/Biomedical - About.com
Four approaches to optimizing an enzyme process for commercial production, ranging from ... Small Business Technology Development Grants from the NIH.
Dyadic International Inc - Dyadic Industrial Enzymes - C1 Platform
A case study on Dyadic International Inc., a provider of industrial enzymes produced by ... discovered and developed Dyadic's patented C1 platform technology.
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