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Articles related to fermentation practices

History of Biotechnology - Early Practices - Biotech/Biomedical
Five examples of early biotechnological practices that were in place long before the ... Fermentation is perhaps the most ancient biotechnological discovery.
10 Examples of Agricultural Biotechnology - Biotech/Biomedical
... this practice raises many bioethics issues, because the result is widespread, ... can be produced from plants versus a fermentation unit, ease of purification, ...
Novozymes - Recombinant enzymes - Novozymes company history
In 1952, Novozymes first began producing enzymes by fermentation using ... Early Biotechnological Practices · Pharmaceutical Companies Flock to Brazil ...
Medieval Food Preservation - Page Two
... foods in a liquid solution of salt brine was a fairly common practice in medieval Europe. ... The most common product of fermentation was alcohol -- wine was ...
Lambic Belgian Ale - History, Ingredients and Profile
The processes used to make lambic, especially its spontaneous fermentation in open tanks, reflect practices that existed long before most of the techniques used  ...
Louis Pasteur - Germ Theory of Disease - Inventors - About.com
... with the fermentation process to develop a way to pasteurize and kill germs. ... instituting changes in hospital/medical practices to minimize the spread of ...
Spices May Reduce Escherichia Coli O157:H7 In Meat - Biology
Jul 20, 1998 ... ... of the pathogen and still resulted in successful salami fermentation. ... put in their food, they should always use safe food handling practices, ...
Buttermilk Varieties, Uses, and Tradition - Food Reference - About.com
Lactic acid, which is the byproduct of lactose fermentation, gives buttermilk its ... 5 Simple Buttermilk Recipes · Best Practices for Using Buttermilk in Cooking ...
Why Oak Matters in Winemaking - Wines - About.com
What standard practices are employed by the cooperage that made the barrel? ... utilized in either the fermentation or aging phase of the winemaking process.
Alcohol in Islam
Basic Beliefs · Religious Practices & "Pillars" · Quran & Hadith · Prophets of Islam ... as "wine" or "intoxicants" is al-khamr, which is related to the verb "to ferment.
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