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10 Examples of Agricultural Biotechnology - Biotech/Biomedical
Genetically engineered crops, usually fruits or vegetables, designed to carry antigenic ... Methods like marker-assisted selection improve the efficiency of " directed" animal ... The most famous example of this is the Roundup-Ready techn...
History of Biotechnology - Early Practices - Biotech/Biomedical
Modern biochemistry and microbiology techniques utilize a number of ... to obtain a new crop having the most desirable traits, is a form of early crop technology.
GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms - GM Foods
Recombinant GMOs can be produced by gene cloning methods in which a ... The introduction of bacterial genes into cash crops, to enhance their growth, ... value or resistance to pests, is becoming rather commonplace in plant technology.
Ancient Farming - Concepts, Techniques, and Experimental ...
Ancient farming methods used by farmers throughout the world varied quite a bit. Farmers developed many ways to maintain soils, ward off frost and freeze cycles and protect their crops from animals. On this page you'll find core ... Technology.
Green Revolution - History and Overview - Geography - About.com
Due to the success of the Green Revolution in Mexico, its technologies spread ... researchers like Borlaug were able to double a crop's production because the ...
History of Agriculture and Farm Machinery - Inventors - About.com
Farm Machinery and Technology. ... Growing the same crop repeatedly on the same land eventually depletes the soil of different nutrients. Farmers avoided a ...
George Washington Carver - Inventors - About.com
At Tuskegee Carver developed his crop rotation method, which revolutionized southern agriculture. He educated the farmers to alternate the soil-depleting ...
History of American Agriculture - Crops and Livestock - Inventors
Farm Machinery and Technology. ... Crops borrowed from Indians included maize, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, ... Improved method of anthrax inoculation.
Cropping Photos - Definitions and Techniques for Cropping in ...
... to desktop publishing. Discover ways of cropping photos and other graphics for use in publications. ... 18 Articles in: Cropping Photos - Definitions and Techniques for Cropping in Desktop Publishing .... Today's Top 5 Picks In Technology.
Organic Farming - Can Organic Farming End World Hunger?
... and widespread single crop plantings (known as “monoculture”) have bragged for decades about the increased productivity their high-tech methods can yield.
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