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10 Examples of Agricultural Biotechnology - Biotech/Biomedical
Methods like marker-assisted selection improve the efficiency of "directed" animal ... allowing farmers to selectively kill surrounding weeds without harming their crop. The most famous example of this is the Roundup-Ready technology, ...
History of Biotechnology - Early Practices - Biotech/Biomedical
Crop improvement, by selecting seeds from the most successful or healthiest ... a new crop having the most desirable traits, is a form of early crop technology.
How Food Biotechnology Has Changed What We Eat
Recombinant gene technology methods are being developed to test water for safe drinking. Cryptosporidium parvum (Crypto), is a water-borne pathogen that ...
Ancient Farming - Concepts, Techniques, and Experimental ...
Ancient farming methods used by farmers throughout the world varied quite a bit. ... farmers to improve crop success and reduce the impact of variable climates.
George Washington Carver - Inventors - About.com
Most important was the fact that he changed the South from being a one-crop land of cotton, to being multi-crop ... Timelines of Invention and Technology ...
Green Revolution - History and Overview - Geography - About.com
Finally, by selectively breeding plants that were not sensitive to day length, researchers like Borlaug were able to double a crop's production because the plants ...
GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms - GM Foods
Recombinant GMOs can be produced by gene cloning methods in which a ... value or resistance to pests, is becoming rather commonplace in plant technology. ... surrounding questions of seed ownership once a crop has been harvested, and ...
The Controversy of Genetically Modified Food - Biotech/Biomedical
What Is Driving the Concern over Crop Genetic Engineering? ... GM foods for more than a decade, controversy over this technology remains high. .... However, similar or even higher levels of risk occur with other plant breeding methods such  .....
Ancient Olmec Culture in Latin American History
In spite of only having Stone-age technology, the Olmecs were able to make several sorts of tools which made their life easier. They used whatever was at hand, ...
Organic Farming - Can Organic Farming End World Hunger?
“Organic…farming methods continually increase soil fertility and prevent loss of topsoil ... farming will allow us to maintain and even increase current crop yields.
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