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10 Examples of Agricultural Biotechnology
Genetically engineered crops, usually fruits or vegetables, designed to carry antigenic ... Methods like marker-assisted selection improve the efficiency of " directed" animal ... The most famous example of this is the Roundup-Ready technology, ...
History of Biotechnology - Early Practices
Modern biochemistry and microbiology techniques utilize a number of ... to obtain a new crop having the most desirable traits, is a form of early crop technology.
GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms - GM Foods
Recombinant GMOs can be produced by gene cloning methods in which a ... value or resistance to pests, is becoming rather commonplace in plant technology. ... surrounding questions of seed ownership once a crop has been harvested, and ...
Ancient Farming - Innovations and Inventions - About Archaeology
Ancient farming methods used by farmers throughout the world varied quite a bit. Farmers developed many ways to maintain soils, ward off frost and freeze cycles and protect their crops from animals. On this page you'll find core ... Technology.
Cropping Photos - Definitions and Techniques for Cropping in ...
... desktop publishing. Discover ways of cropping photos and other graphics for use in publications. ... Today's Top 5 Picks In Technology. 5 · Woman compiling ...
Green Revolution - History and Overview - Geography - About.com
Due to the success of the Green Revolution in Mexico, its technologies spread ... researchers like Borlaug were able to double a crop's production because the ...
History of Agriculture and Farm Machinery - Inventors - About.com
Farm Machinery and Technology. ... Growing the same crop repeatedly on the same land eventually depletes the soil of different nutrients. Farmers avoided a ...
History of American Agriculture - Crops and Livestock - Inventors
Farm Machinery and Technology. ... Crops borrowed from Indians included maize, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, ... Improved method of anthrax inoculation.
Straighten an Image with the Crop Tool in Photoshop
How to straighten a crooked image using the crop tool in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. ... Other methods of straightening aren't always best for digital photos: In Photoshop, you can use the ... Technology Slideshows. Young woman ...
Ancient Olmec Culture in Latin American History
They planted many of the same crops seen in the region today, such as squash, ... In spite of only having Stone-age technology, the Olmecs were able to make ...
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