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Articles related to cellular defense mechanisms

All About Restriction Enzymes - Endonucleases - Biotech/Biomedical
Restriction enzymes are found in many different strains of bacteria where their biological role is to participate in cell defense. These enzymes “restrict” foreign ...
HDP - Host Defense Peptides - Antimicrobial Peptides (AMPs)
The many mechanisms by which HDPs work are still being investigated, but ... forming an antigen-like ligand, that attracts cellular defense systems, which then  ...
Immune System - the Body's Natural Defense Mechanism - Biology
I'm talking about the body's natural defense mechanism, the immune system. ... The cell mediated immune system protects against foreign organisms that have ...
The Defense Mechanisms Animals Use to Survive
Defense mechanisms are very important to all animal life. They can give prey ... Animal Cell - Public Domain Image: National Human Genome Research Institute.
Immune System Quiz - Biology - About.com
The immune system uses two types of defense mechanisms depending on the ... of two components: the humoral immune system and the cell mediated immune ...
Macrophages - Biology - About.com
These white blood cells engulf and digest pathogens and cellular refuse, ... defense mechanisms that provide the first line of defense against pathogens.
Why Trees Get So Old - Tree Defense Process Called ... - Forestry
Tree live to become very old because they have a defense to the disease ... and infected begin a "processes of boundary formation" and new cell growth starts. ... and have developed a very effective defense mechanism for their own surviva...
Alcohol and the Liver Research Update - Alcoholism - About.com
One such defense mechanism is the generation of free radicals that can ... by cells of the liver and immune system in response to infection or cell damage.
Ovarian Cancer and Gene Therapy - About.com
Jan 26, 2012 ... Therefore, we know that viruses are able to overcome cellular defense mechanisms and get inside you to do their job. Because of this, viruses ...
Genetics: Characteristics of E. Coli, e coli bacteria, acid hydrolysis
Feb 23, 2005 ... E. coli does have several defense mechanisms, many of which contribute ... as well as those relating to general cellular and molecular biology.
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