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Articles related to plant biotechnology

10 Examples of Agricultural Biotechnology - Biotech/Biomedical
A list of agricultural applications for biotechnology research. ... are similar to those made to crops, such as enhancing cold resistance of a breed of tropical plant, ...
The Controversy of Genetically Modified Food - Biotech/Biomedical
Scenarios describe possible toxic effects from plant made resistant to .... Marc Van Montagu, Chairman of the Ghent University Institute of Plant Biotechnology.
Vectors - Gene Cloning - Genetic Transfer - Biotech/Biomedical
Gene transfer into plant cells is commonly performed using the soil bacterium Agrobacterium ... What is Biotechnology and How Did It Make the Biotech Industry.
Plant Patents - Biotechnology and Biopiracy - Plant Patents - Inventors
The controversy surrounding biotechnology and biopiracy - USPTO plant patent guidelines and how to file a plant patent application.
Biotechnology - The Controversy Surrounding Biotechnology
Biopatents and biotechnology has raised ethical concerns and biopiracy rears its ugly head. ... Plant Patents - Biotechnology Biopiracy • Cloning Resources
Biotechnology Produces Plastics from Plants - Composites/Plastics
Feb 15, 2001 ... Scientists from Purdue University and DuPont have cloned a plant gene that will allow plastics to be produced in crops without harming plant ...
Plant Project Ideas - Biology - About.com
Small plant isolated - elias kordelakos photography/ Moment/ Getty Images ... usage for plants in other fields such as medicine, agriculture, and biotechnology.
Blood From a Plant - Biology - About.com
Blood From a Plant. Dateline: 08/05/99. Biotechnology and genetic engineering have long promised to revolutionize the biological sciences. Recent research at ...
How to Get a Plant Patent - Plant Patent Applications - Inventors
How to get a patent - plant patents. ... Patents · Understanding the Different Types of Patents · Plant Patents - Biotechnology Biopiracy and Plant Patents ...
Plants - Plant Patents - Inventors - About.com
How to apply for a plant patent and what does it mean to invent a plant. ... Different Types of Patents · Plant Patents - Biotechnology Biopiracy and Plant Patents ...
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