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10 Examples of Agricultural Biotechnology
A list of agricultural applications for biotechnology research. ... An anti-lymphoma vaccine has been made using tobacco plants carrying RNA from cloned ...
The Controversy of Genetically Modified Food - About.com Biotech ...
The main concerns constellate around concern of negative reactions to the specific gene inserted into the genetically modified plant. Scenarios describe ...
GMOs - About.com Biotech / Biomedical
The acronym can apply to plants, animals or microorganisms, whereas the term genetically engineered microorganism (GEM) refers only to bacteria, fungi, yeast  ...
Plant Patents - Biotechnology and Biopiracy - Plant Patents - Inventors
The controversy surrounding biotechnology and biopiracy - USPTO plant patent guidelines and how to file a plant patent application.
Biotechnology - The Controversy Surrounding Biotechnology
Biopatents and biotechnology has raised ethical concerns and biopiracy rears its ugly head. ... Plant Patents - Biotechnology Biopiracy • Cloning Resources
Biotechnology Produces Plastics from Plants - Composites/Plastics
Feb 15, 2001 ... Scientists from Purdue University and DuPont have cloned a plant gene that will allow plastics to be produced in crops without harming plant ...
Vectors - About.com Biotech / Biomedical
Gene transfer into plant cells is commonly performed using the soil bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens , which acts as a vector and inserts a large plasmid ...
History of Biotechnology - Early Practices
Fermentation processes are still in use today in many modern biotech organizations, ... Farmers learned that using only the seeds from the best plants would ...
Biotech Products in Your Daily Life - About.com Biotech / Biomedical
Biodegradable plastics can be made using plant polymers from wheat, corn or potatoes, and consist of shorter, more easily degraded polymers.
Blood From a Plant - Biology - About.com
Blood From a Plant. Dateline: 08/05/99. Biotechnology and genetic engineering have long promised to revolutionize the biological sciences. Recent research at ...
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