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The Chasm between Biomedical Research and Medical Practice

By March 13, 2013

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The diagnostic use of molecular analysis is poised to revolutionize medicine but not without some growing pains. The rapid advances in the last quarter century have enabled massive analyses of tens of thousands of genes, proteins, and other biological molecules in a single experiment, all of which have produced enormous reservoirs of data.  There is so much data that it is a major problem now to make sense of it all.  While these advances in biomedicine have produced amazing insights into health-related disorders and disease progression, applying these ongoing discoveries in clinical settings remains a challenge.

Keeping current with the latest understanding of the molecular changes driving diseases such as cancer requires an enormous amount of time and effort for researchers who work in the area.  For healthcare professions and patients, who aren't constantly involved in the day-to-day details of this research, it is almost impossible to remain knowledgeable about the complex details of recent studies.  However, new discoveries, which are made every day, may provide the basis for life and death healthcare decisions for some patients.

How medical research and clinical practice will address this growing chasm between the two spheres? Actually, it is simply not clear yet.

Read more about this situation in Providing Patient Care that Incorporates the Latest Biomedical Research.


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