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The Odd Selectively Bred Thanksgiving Turkey

By November 19, 2012

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Despite the recent failure of the GMO food labeling proposition in California, the controversy about genetically engineered modifications of food crops will likely continue. For example, just last week Campbell Soup was sued in Colorado under the claim that the "Natural" label on its baked Goldfish Crackers is misleading because the snack contains GMOs.

With all lingering concern around GMO food, the Thanksgiving holiday might a good time to point out that DNA engineering and gene splicing is only one approach humans use for genetic modification.  The turkey, the centerpiece of the holiday feast, is the result of thousands of years of selective genetic breeding that has produced a strange bird indeed.  The domestic turkey is a dull bird that is too enormous to fly, has trouble walking, and requires artificial insemination to mate.  Compared to its wild cousin, the farm-raised turkey is a sad specimen, but it makes for a great meal.

To find out more about the odd turkey, take a gander at The Strange Bird We Bring Home for Thanksgiving Dinner.


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