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Career Options in Biotechnology

By December 13, 2007

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A career in biotechnology doesn’t necessarily mean spending the rest of your days hidden away in a research laboratory. There are many different options for those with science degrees specializing in biotech, especially if you combine a science degree with another discipline such as business or study science and law. In private industry, biotech companies are coming to realize that experienced senior scientists can make excellent managers, and who better to make executive decisions about the direction a company is going than the people who are most familiar with the science?

Besides the obvious biotech-related jobs to be found in either academia or private industry (Technician, Research Associate, Scientist, or Professor), the list of alternatives includes other interesting choices such as Biostatistician, Bioinformatician, Consultant, Patent Lawyer, Company Director/ Manager, Investigator (Regulatory etc.), and Project Leader.

Trying to decide what to study, or assess your reasons to do a Ph.D.? Check out the Career Pathways page on WorldWideLearn, a site with some excellent biotech education resources and information.


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