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Food Allergies, Intolerance, and Genetic Engineering


What are the dangers of unknown allergies from engineered food sources. Is this often heard concern just hype or something to worry about? 

Biotech/Biomedical Spotlight10

GMO Tomatoes to Improve Your Health

Tomatoes genetically engineered to produce anthocyanins may be better for you than regular tomatoes

Acid-Bath Stem Cell May Be Washed Up

Acid may not be able to turn normal cells in to stem cells. Irregularities surfacing about the recent study claiming it could suggest the data is unreliable.

Protein That Eliminates Plaque-Forming Amyloids Associated with Alzheimer's

The lysosome receptor SORLA protein identifies and eliminates misfolded beta-amyloids associated with Alzheimer's plaque formation

Valentine's Day: A Holiday for the Heart

Care for both your romantic and physical heart on Valentine's Day

Have a Care for Your Heart on Valentine's Day

The heart has been a symbol of love and desire since ancient times. Take a few minutes on Valentine's Day to tend to both the romantic and physical needs of this critical organ that sustains us.

Why Is Drug Development So Expensive

The high cost of drug development. Why does it cost so much to develop new medicines?

The Costly Game of Drug Discovery

Only about 30 new drugs are approved each year. How are these new drugs identified? From where do companies find the chemicals, antibodies, peptides and other molecules that they test and try to get approved? Also, why is it so expensive to develop new drugs? Discover how new medicines are found. (Posted: Jan 31, 2014)

Pressure from Patients and Payers Is Changing Drug Development

An increased understanding of disease, escalating healthcare costs and informed patient groups are having a transformative impact on the development and approvals of new therapeutics. What do pharmaceutical and biotech companies need to do to account for these changes to maximize the success of their drug development programs? This summary of a panel discussion at the Biotech Showcase on the Changing Dynamics of the Drug Development Ecosystem provides some insight. (Posted: Jan 22, 2014)

New Biotech Developments Anticipated This Year

What's ahead for biotech in 2014?

6 Biotech and Biomedical Advances on Horizon in 2014

What are the key biomedical developments expected in 2014? What new discoveries are anticipated, or new disease treatments that might pan out? Will the 2013 biotech boom continue? Check out these 6 key stories expected to dominate 2014 biotech news. (Published: January 14, 2014)

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